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CommonCent$ Money Matters Starts Wednesday, July 1, 2022

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Money Trauma

A manifested belief that we cannot manage our financial futures.  These beliefs can stem from generational misuse or handling of finances to societal beliefs and expectations that effect our ability to manage finances or a situation where there is a substantial loss of money or the ability to earn a wage.

Beginning with a healthy dialogue, we can connect to the emotional reasons we mismanage money, we can begin to build a healthy relationship with our finances and begin to move to a place of financial stability.

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CommonCent$ Money Matters is a 5 Week online course by Patrice Bobo-Miles.

In this course you will:

Identify your Money Trauma.

Recognize emotional spending/saving habits.

Redefine your relationship with money

Devise strategies that assist with breaking emotional spending habits.

Begin setting a foundation for a healthy balance between spending and saving

Set yourself up for a financially healthy future.

Each week will include a video lesson, worksheets, and a live coaching session on Zoom.

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